90) ubiquitous (adjective)

89) penultimate (adjective)

88) monotonous (adjective)

87) vivacious (adjective)

86) sycophant (noun)

85) amorous (adjective)

84) ludicrous (adjective)

83) deride (verb) derision (noun) derisive (adjective)

82) taciturn (adjective) 

81) satire (noun) satirize (verb) satirical (adjective)

80) parody (noun) parodies/parodying (verb)

79) cunning (noun) (more often--adjective)

78) pariah (noun) an outcast 

77) austerity (noun) austere (adj) "austerity measures"

76) beguile (verb)  "beguiling smile" (adjective)

75) chide (verb)

74) dote (verb)

73)  lethargy (noun) lethargic (adj)

72) flagrant (adjective) "flagrant foul"

71) crimson (adjective)

70) defenestrate (verb)

69) vex (verb) vexation (noun)

68) ambiguous (adjective)

67) chastise (verb)/chastisement (noun)

66) indolent (adjective)

65) integrity (noun)

64) gregarious (adjective)

63) distraught (adjective)

62) ponder (verb)

61) apprehensive (adjective)

60) palindrome (noun)

59) onomatopoeia (noun)

58) hyperbole (noun) hyperbolic (adjective)

56) serene (adjective) serenity (noun)

55) juggernaut (noun)

54) utopia/dystopia (noun) utopian (adj)

53) gallivant (verb)

52) sovereignty/sovereign (nouns)

51) loathe (verb

50) rebuke (verb)

49) coronate (verb)

48) ominous (adjective)

 47) chivalrous (adjective)/chivalry (noun)

46) dolorous (adjective)

45) voracious (adjective)

44) venerate (verb)

43) tenacious (adjective)

42) perilous (adjective)

41) irony (noun) ironic (adjective)

40) metaphor (noun)--metaphoric/al (adjective)--metaphorically (adverb)

39) fiscal (adjective)

38) giddy (adjective)

37) ignorance (noun)  ignorant (adjective)

36) avarice (noun)

35) benevolence (noun) /malevolence

34) odious (adjective)

33) petrify (verb)

32) simile (noun)

31) keenly (adverb)

30) cornucopia (noun)

29) apparition (noun)

a phantom, ghost, or specter (spectre)

Jacob Marley is a ghost who warns Scrooge about the coming of three more apparitions! 

28) nuptial (adj) nuptials (noun)

---relathing to weddings (adjective), a wedding (noun)

The nuptial vows were read by the rabbi and repeated by the bride and groom.

Theseus looked forward to his nuptials; he washed his best tunic!

27) misanthropic (adjective)

---having an extreme distrust of all humankind

misanthrope--noun-- one who hates humankind

Ebeneezer Scrooge is the most famous misanthrope in literature.

26) melee (noun)

a confused hand-to-hand fight

The brouhaha became a melee when someone's temper erupted into violence.

25) brouhaha (noun)

a hubbub, an uproar

There was a brouhaha at recess when the students found out school was going to be extended 2 hours.

24) polytheism

--(from Greek--poly=many  the/a=god )

the belief in many gods

The ancient Greeks' religon was polytheism; modern day Greeks are largely monotheistic.

23) deft (adjective)

--skillful (in general) or (more specifically) having great dexterity

--deftly (adverb form)

The painter deftly shaded the clouds to create the look of an oncoming storm.

Deft arguments won the debate for our team.

22) melancholy (adjective or noun)

---deeply sad/a deep sadness

21) manifest (verb)

--to show or reveal

--manifestation (noun form)

He manifested his deft tango skills on the dance floor.

The gift was a manifestation of her deep gratitude. 

Vocabulary 20 Test---FRIDAY, October 19th! 

20) pun (noun)

--a literary device (or joke) that uses a play on words that sound the same, but have different meanings. Knock Knocks jokes are puns. 

The door is ajar. No, it's not; it's a door! is Mrs. Welch's advisory's favorite pun! 

19) ajar (adjective)

--slightly open

When I left my locker ajar, all my books fell out!

18) zephyr (noun)

--a gentle breeze (from Greek mythology---god of the western wind)

A zephyr to me is a hurricane force wind to a stink bug!

17) iridescent (adjective)

---showing bright, rainbow colors (from IRIS--the Greek goddess of the rainbow)

The delicate, iridescent insect wings looked quite beautiful in the morning light.

The new paint-job on the Mustang had an iridescent glow. 

16) labyrinthine (adjective)

---confusingly complicated, complex (from the noun--labyrinth--Greek mythology--Theseus)

The plot of the movie was too labyrinthine for me; I couldn't follow even one of the five storylines!

Our 5 word quiz will be next THURSDAY (October 11, 2012).  Definitions, Parts of Speech, Original Sentences with context clues.

15) narcissistic (adjective)

--totally obsessed with one's self

The narcissistic nymph lacked empathy and was forever talking about herself! 

14) thwart (verb) 

--to oppose, frustrate, or block

Apollo tried to woo Daphne, but he was thwarted by her father, The River God.

America's dreams of winning The Ryder Cup were thwarted when the Europeans rallied! 

13) woo (verb)

--to win over, especially romantically

Apollo tried to woo Daphne, but he was turned down time and time again.  

12) catharsis (noun)

definition: a sudden outpouring of emotion

<in ancient Greece a catharsis happened in the ampitheater in reaction to comedy or tragedy>

adjective form: cathartic

When my favorite character in the book died, I had a catharsis; I cried. 

The golfer seemed to be having a catharsis; she threw her club into a tree!

Acting is cathartic for many people because you can express your emotions. 

11) atone (verb)

noun form: atonement

definition: to make amends, an apology in action (not just words).

I didn't want to just apologize; I reallay wanted to atone for my misdeeds.


10) nemesis (noun)

---an arch-enemy, a long-time foe

<In Greek Mythology, Nemesis was a god of vengence. He was often sent to punish mortals who succomb to hubris.>

The Joker is Batman's nemesis. Duke and Carolina are nemeses.

9) obelisk (noun)

--a four-sided pillar topped with a pyramid shape.

The Washington Monument is the most famous obelisk in America. There is also one outside Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem. I wonder where this famous shape originated? Greece? Rome? Greensboro? Hmmmm???

8) chaos (noun) 

--a state of total disorder

There was chaos at the mall the day after Thanksgiving. 

chaotic (adjective) chaotically (adverb)

7) auspicious (adjective) auspiciously (adverb)

definition: off to a promising start, fortunate, lucky

Lorna was superstitious and thought that seeing a four leaf clover on the first day of  7th grade was an auspicious start to the new school year.

6) apathy (noun) apathetic (adjective)

definition: without emotion, showing no emotion

(/a/ is a Greek prefix meaning without & /path/ is a Greek root meaning emotion)


Frank watches football with his friends, but is usually apathetic about who wins or loses. He enjoys the social part of the game, but really doesn't follow the sport.

5) kudos (noun)

definition: praise, acclaim...a "shout out"

(The word comes directly from Greek. There are no other forms of the word.)

I gave kudos to my mom for finishing her first marathon!

4) hubris (noun)

definition: excessive pride

(The word comes directly from Greek and is an important theme in both mythology and tragedy)

The owners of The Titanic had a titanic amount of hubris. 

Hubristic is the adjective form of the noun hubris. 

3) titanic (adjective)

 Definition:  gigantic, enormous in size and strength

    (This word comes from the Titans, a race of giants, in Greek mythology)

Example sentences: 

The titanic linebakers made me feel very small out on the football field.

2) panacea (noun)

Definition: a cure-all

    PAN is a Greek prefix meaning ALL <pantheon, pandemic, pandemonium, panoply, Pan-American>

 Example sentences: 

Fleet says that bacon is his personal panacea. The cured meat cures him!

Friendship can be a panacea to the mind during tough times.

The researchers desperately searched for a panacea during the pandemic.

1) mnemonic (noun)

     also mnemonic device (adjective + noun) *used as a compound noun

  Definition:  a memory aid, often used as a study skill

    from ancient Greek---Mnemesyne was the goddess of memory. 

 Example sentences: ROY G BIV is a mnemonic for remembering the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  

"-Tion -Tion -Tion Noun -Noun Verb -Verb Adjective" is a rhythmic mnemonic for listing the 8 Parts of Speech in English.