05.06.13 to 05.13.13

  • Asian Research Paragraphs, Work Cited, and Typed Outlines that we are working on in class are due Friday 5/10.
  • The Shakespeare Stealer Letter to the Author (or creative projects) due by Monday 5/13.
LOOK AHEAD: We will have our final 90 word Vocabulary Exam next week. Begin reviewing now!


1) Read The Shakespeare Stealer for 20 minutes each night. Finish the book by 5/10. 

2) Master words 71-85 for  Vocab Test Wednesday! 

3) Work on your quote book each night. FINAL due FRIDAY!


Quote Book Page (#5) will be checked on Monday. Final Project due by 5/3.

Reading Logs and Records will be checked on Monday. 140 minutes reading. What chapter are you up to in The Shakespeare Stealer? Finish the book by 5/10. Letter to the Author (or original projet) due by 5/13


Quote Book Page (#4) will be checked tomorrow. Bring it in or share it on Google Drive.

20 minutes of parallel reading: The Shakespeare Stealer.


20 minutes of parallel reading of The Shakespeare Stealer. If you still do a reading log, LOG IT! For Free Read Records--make sure you include it on your form for Monday and record the pages read. If you have finished the book, choice reading!

1 MORE quote book page due tomorrow. If you want to do just the quotes (not the visuals), you may turn in 2 quotes and 2 paragraphs (typed). Project requirements on the PINK SHEET in your binder.


1) Compose an orginal free choice (topic and format) poem for Monday (you don't have to share) OR bring in and share a poem that you like (by someone else)

2) ONE page of your QUOTE BOOK PROJECT will be checked for a homework grade on Monday. It may be the cover. Project due May 3rd.

3) Reading logs and free-read records will be checked on Monday. The Shakespeare Stealer may be logged for time (logs) or pages (records).

4.15.13 through 4.18.13

8 Line RECITATIONS due by Friday. Practice & Prepare each night! You may go early. Any 8 line passage from the play or the passages from the blue sheet are fin.

Independently read The Shakespeare Stealer 20 minutes per night! Logs or free read records will be checked Monday. This parallel reading counts for logs and pages of your record. 


Reading Logs or Free Read Records (if you are at 8 books or over) will be checked in class on Monday. The Shakespeare Stealer may be logged as minutes or pages. 

Recitations due by Friday 4/19. You may use the examples on the blue sheet OR memorize any 8-10 line passage from A Midsummer Night's Dream.


Read The Shakespeare Stealer for 30 minutes. Bring in a good example of imagery from your reading to share in class. Mark the page number. You may write it or draw it. You will share in class.


Read The Shakespeare Stealer for 30 minutes. List examples of historical connections to share in class.


On a piece of paper (not in your journal), compose an Explode a Moment Poem. You may use the free writing we did in class or come up with a new moment to describe. Slow down time and really desribe the moment with details.

Your poem may be in any format. It may rhyme, but it doesn't have to. The only requirement is that you use IMAGERY that appeals to at least 3 of the 5 senses.

Your may decorate your poem or use fancy fonts and pictures, if you wish. 


Create one page of notes about William Shakespeare: his work, his life, his times, and/or The Globe Theater. You wil be sharing a interesting fact in class. 

List your sources. 


Read up to page 162 in The Giver by Monday. Reading logs and Free Read Record checks Monday. 


Vocabulary Test tomorrow (Friday)

You should be up to Chapter 20 in The Giver by Monday 3/25 .You may log your reading. Logs and Free Read Records will be checked on Monday during D.E.A.R. time.

We will have a final test on the novel on Thursday 3/ 28.

3.18.13 through 3.20.13

No homework. ERBs.

Your next regular reading log (or free read record check) will be on Monday, March 25. You should be up to Chapter 20 in The Giver by Monday.


1) Read Chapters 10, 11, & 12 in The Giver.

If you missed Friday's class because of sports, you need to make up the reading quiz. We also read chapters 8 and 9 in class.

2) Signed Reading LOGS due Monday. If you read ahead in the book, you may log the time. Bring reading materials for D.E.A.R. time. 


Read Chapters 5-7 of The Giver. If you read ahead, you may log it on your reading log. 

READING CHECK quiz tomorrow (Chapters 1-7). You will match the correct character to a quotation from the book. 


Read Chapters 3 & 4 of The Giver.  What new inferences can you make based on the text evidence? 


Read Chapters 1 & 2 of The Giver.  Complete the reading notes worksheet.


Read the article about MARS in the SCOPE magazine with the dophin on the cover. PAGE 24.

Write a persuasive paragraph supporting either YES OR NO in repsonse to the question at the end of the article. Use at least 3 specifics from you reading to support your opinion.


Signed Reading Logs & Essays due Monday.

1 page journal reflection on Codes & Quests.


Signed Reading Log due Monday. Please have signed quizzes and essays on Monday.

Read for 20 minutes per night. Vocabulary Test Thursday!


20 minutes of free choice reading. LOG IT!

If you didn't finish your parallel reading project in class, finish it at home: plot diagram (or graphic organizer), example of sentence fluency (with a citation), and a paragraph about connections between your book and the Medieval Unit (world cultures, English, science, the feast, cooking, drama, castles etc.). 


Read "The Plots of Sir Modred".  Write a pargraph describing his plots. End your paragraph with your own inference---What is his motivation? In other words, why does he plot against people?


Open Book quiz on Book 3 tomorrow.

Read "Launcelot and Guinevere" pages 291-303.


Five Paragraph Essay FINAL DRAFTS due Friday.

Bring parallel reading books (or author, title, and an interesting passage) to class Thursday. We will use them for an in-class writing assignment on Friday.

Finish reading BOOK 3: The Quest for the Holy Grail by Monday. You may log it.

Signed reading logs due MONDAY.

02.11.13 to 2.14.13

Work on essays for 30 minutes per night. Draft due by Friday. FINALS due 2/22. No reading log this week. You may read ahead in Book 3.


Reading Logs Due Monday. We will have D.E.A.R. time in class on Monday. Yay! Bring your book or reading device.

01.30.13 & 1.31.13 (due Friday)

Read one of the Knight's Tales from BOOK TWO in King Arthur. Create a plot diagram, map, or hero's journey or other notes that will help you remember the story during class on FRIDAY. I will check for completed notes on Friday.

Take notes in a way that will help you recall the plot on the spot!

You may read ahead and log it. Reading logs are due Monday!


30 minutes of free reading. Some students have asked if it's okay to read ahead in King Arthur. The answer is yes. If you read ahead you may log the reading (or pages on your free fread record).

01.28.13 (free homework night for morning classes/snow make-up day homework for afternoon classes)

One Page Journal Response (personal reflection, collage, or fiction)

Explore one of the the DURING READING questions from your orange notes OR respond to one of the following prompts:

1. Is chivalry dead? Why or why not? Is this good, bad, or both?

2. Logres was a utopian idea. What is your utopia?

3. Why do you think dystopian literature/movies are currently so popular with teens and tweens?

Signed Reading Logs due Tomorrow If you are enjoying the assigned text and read ahead by choice, you may log this reading.


Read Chapter 4 and complete the reading notes.  Check Document Manager/homework if you missed class or lost the notes.

We will have an Chapter 1-4 OPEN NOTE Quiz tomorrow. Make sure you HAVE and UNDERSTAND your BOOK ONE notes.

Also think about how CHIVALRY, THE ROUND TABLE, THE HOLY GRAIL, and THE DOLOROUS STROKE are important to Arthurian Legend.


Read Chapter 3 and complete reading notes.  If you forgot your orange sheet, notes are on Document Manager under HOMEWORK.

Open Note Reading Quiz on BOOK ONE Friday.


Have you turned in your reading log, Chapter TWO reading notes, and completed your book talk or project? Tomorrow is the last day to do these 3 things!

We will be reading the rest of BOOK ONE this week. If you read ahead, you may LOG it on your reading log. Your next log is due MONDAY, 1/28.


Read Chapter ONE in KING ARTHUR: "The Two Swords"

Complete the orange worksheet as you read. I will check it in class.

(The worksheet is on Documents for Download if you left it at school. It is called THE TWO SWORDS)

**Book Talks (or creative projects) will be presented in class on Friday!**


Master your Vocabulary Words! 45 Word Test on definitions, usage, and parts of speech tomorrow!


Continue working on your journal revision for 30 minutes on your own each night. The final polished draft is due AT THE BEGINNING of class on Friday, 1/11/13

You may also revise your 5 paragraph essays for an additional 5 points. Revisions due by Friday.

Book Talks (or projects) are due by January 18th.


One page free-choice journal writing.

You willl be revising a journal topic into a 2 page essay during writing workshop next week. Your final draft is due 1/11.

A Free Reading Book Talk (or creative project) is due by 1/18. The book talk assignment sheet is in your binder. It is also on Documents for Download under class projects. Have fun!


6 Word Vocab Quiz Tomorrow. (ignorance, avarice,giddy, fiscal, metaphor, irony)

If you did not finish your one page of journal free-writing during class, please have it completed by the beginning of class tomorrow.

12/17---Due Thursday

Write a one page journal describing/reflecting on something going on in your life in THE PRESENT time.

You may use the same brainstorming strategy that we used in class to reflect on THE PAST--or you can just GO FOR IT and free write about your life. Your topic and tone is up to you.  You may write a deep reflection about one topic or write about more than one topic that is important to you right now (not this second---but as a 7th grader in general in 2012).


1) **FINISH your take home test THEME PARAGRAPH. Use the graphic organizer to help organize your sentences into a thougthful, well-edited paragraph. Print it up and bring the final draft to class. **

2) Your last signed reading log of 2012 is due Monday!

REMINDER: Unless you have checked in with me about longer books, your reading record should show a minimum of 4 completed books by the time you come back in 2013. This is about one book per month.

We will be doing book projects in January about your reading. If you have read 10 or more books, you will have additional options for projects as a reward. Your additional reading has earned you more independent choice---you won't have to do more projects for reading more! 


Finish Reading A Christmas Carol by 12/11. The play will be a review for the test on Friday.


MASTER words 1-35 for your VOCABULARY TEST tomorrow.

Finish reading Stave 3 by Friday. You log it. 

12.03.12---35 Word Vocabulary Test Wednesday! 

Read (or listen to) A Christmas Carol  by Charles Dickens for 20 minutes. LOG IT! You may use the online text, the audio book link, or a book from class. You may begin Stave 3 OR reread Stave 2 (if you didn't fully understand it). 

We will finish Stave 3 this week. You do NOT have to finish it tonight. Just log 20 minutes of reading, rereading, or listening to the audio book.

Click on Ms. Payne's Class to the left for the links to the audio book and online text.


Read Stave 2. You may use the audio book (parts 3 & 4), the on-line text, or the packet from class.

Please log your reading and be ready to discuss and ask questions on Monday.

140 minute signed reading logs due Monday.


Write one paragraph (5 sentences minimum) describing Ebenezer Scrooge. Edit it to your standard of a polished final draft. Spend time in the proofreading process. These paragraphs will be returned for more editing if needed.

Reading logs due MONDAY---you may read (or listen) ahead in A Christmas Carol.


Read for 20 minutes. LOG It! You may read or listen to A Christmas Carol using the links on this website. 


Use your discussion and homework notes as background information and create a 1 page letter from Charles Dickens' to modern day students about to read his work. What would he think was strange about modern times? What would he want us to know about his world? You can focus on any elements you like. Be creative AND use facts. If you need more facts, do more research!

*If you come up with a more creative way to do this comparison (project, video, skits, recipe, etc.), and you need more time, let me know and we'll work out an alternative deadline!**


Create one page of notes about Charles Dickens and/or what life what like in Victorian England. List your sources. Try to find some fascinating facts! We will be sharing during class.


Final Draft of your five paragraph essay is due Monday.


Write a first DRAFT of your introductory paragraph for your 5 Paragraph Hero's Journey Essay.

Remember to include the title, author, and year the movie came out ("Star Wars," George Lucas, 1977).  Include a BRIEF overview of the movie, introduce the hero, and list 3 elements that you think show that this is, indeed, a classical hero's journey.

These 3 elements will become the 3 supporting paragraphs as we continue to draft, revise, and edit during writing workshop in class this week. 


Read Parts 3 & 4 of HERACLES in GREEK MYTHS.

Create a half-page of bullet point notes about your reading. List any elements of a hero's journey you have noticed in Hercules story so far. Also list any text-to-text connections you can make between Heracles and other strories, movies, or legends about heroes that you have read, seen, or heard.


(periods 1, 5 &6) SIGNED Vocab Test due Monday (period 4--I forgot to return them during classtime; I'll give them to you Monday!).

ALL: SIGNED Reading Log due Monday.

*Please complete the 9th grade term paper survey, Blue LINK BELOW (on 10/25)*

We will be reading Heracles from Greek Myths next week as homework, if you would like to get ahead you may read it this weekend. Reading ahead means you may LOG it as well. Score!


Mythology Test Tomorrow:  Olympians matching, study guide fill in the blanks from your binder, true/false and passages from the text. The study guide is in documents for download. It is blank if you want to use it as a quiz before the test. 

If you haven't filled out the 9th Grade Term Paper Survey yet, here's the link so you can do it at your leisure.



Write a one page (minimum) personal reflection on HEROES. What does the word mean to you? Describe a person (or people) in your life who has your definition of heroic qualities. They can be people who inspire and support you every day OR someone who is an inspiration from afar. 

*If you forget your journal at school, STILL WRITE (that's the whole point). Then staple your piece of paper into your journal the next day.*


Review and/or Reread myths from our book that you don't remember. Continue to take notes to use a personal study guide. Create flashcards if that works better for you.

 Take time to reflect on the theme or significance of each myth.

Test Friday. We will continue creating personal study guides during classtime tomorrow. The test will cover The Olympians as well as all the myths we have read thusfar.



20 Word Vocabulary Test Tomorrow! Focus on mastering 16-20, study all your old words too!


Write a one page description of a time when curiosity got the best of YOU. At the end, connect your story to the myth "Pandora's Box."


Read "Cupid and Psyche" in Greek Myths. Create a brief plot diagram in your notes ---just include MAJOR plot twists (it's a long story) and a list of major characters' names. Your notes are just a way to jog your memory about what happened in the story during discussion tomorrow. 


Read "The Creation of Man" and "The Coming of Evil" in GREEK MYTHS. In your notes, create a cast of characters for each story. 


Signed READING LOGS and VOCAB TEST will be checked on Monday. Bring reading for D.E.A.R. time (Drop Everything And Read).


Write a one page journal reflection about Atalanta's conflicts. You can discuss her internal or external conflicts in the story. Then connect these conflicts from the myth to your life, the world around you, or other books you have read. 

*One way to organize this writing is to compose one pargraph about the conflicts  in the myth and a second paragraph about your connections*  If you are comfortable free-writing, you do not have to use this structure, but it helps if you get writer's block or tend to run out of things to say.

If you missed class due to sports or illness while we were reading aloud, you may base your journal entry on the conflicts in the part of the story that you were here to hear. If you can't remember enough about Atalanta, you may also come get a copy of the myth to read on your own (we read aloud in class).


MASTER words 11-15 for the Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow. Parts of speech, definitions, and use each one correctly in a sentence with context clues


1) OPTIONAL enrichment projects are a fun learning activity. If you have the time, make up your own creative project involving The 12 Olympians or any of the myths we have read.

2) Reading Logs aren't due until the following Monday. Fall Break is a great time to BANK some minutes and get ahead!

3) Go ahead  and read "The Mysteries of Dionysis." It may inspire you to do a creative project!

Be kind and have fun! ---Ms. Payne


Read "Origins of the Seasons." Create a plot diagram and cast of characters in your notes. 

*Think about optional enrichment projects for over fall break.*


Read "Arachne." Create a plot diagram and a statement of theme in your notes.


In your journal, write a one page reflection on any theme from "The Trickery of Hermes" or "The Loves of Apollo."

*Remember theme is a universal truth or life lesson than emerges from the story. If you run out of ideas, remember that making text-to-self and text-to-world connections are a great way to discuss theme! Connect the meaning of the myth to your life or world. 

We will discuss your reading tomorrow. If you don't remember what happened, skim and scan to review. Take notes or highlight the text! 


Reading Logs due Monday. Create comment, question, or connection after reading "Loves of Apollo," "Phaethon," and "City of Athene." We will discuss these myths next week.


Read "The Trickery of Hermes" from GREEK MYTHS for class tomorrow. Write one Question, Response, or Connection to start our literary discussion. You may read ahead in Part One, if you would like.

Parts of Speech building blocks due by Friday.


1) MASTER WORDS 1-10 for your VOCABULARY TEST tomorrow. The words and definitions are in your notes OR click on Vocabulary on the sidebar to your left.

2) PARTS of SPEECH tests need to be signed by tomorrow.


1) Get PARTS of SPEECH Test signed. (Do you have a LATE LOG or VOCAB quiz that has yet to be signed??? Hmmm???)


3) Come to class with one QRC for discussion (QUESTION, RESPONSE, or CONNECTION). They only have to be a sentence or two! 

09.21.12- Happy International Day of Peace

Signed VOCAB Quizzes (blue) are past due. IF you haven't turned it in, Monday is your last chance for late homework credit. Get it signed with your reading log! 

Signed READING LOG (140 minutes) due Monday. Bring a "book" to class for D.E.A.R. time during Monday's class. 


Parts of Speech Test tomorrow.  Study the yellow sheet and the corrected pink packet. You will need to define, identify, and give examples of each of the 8 parts of speech.

Click GRAMMAR GORILLAS to review in a game!


1) 140 minute Reading Logs due Monday

2) Finish 1 page ( OR 4 images-minimum) of PARTS of SPEECH character writing in your journal.

If you get inspired to do something more in depth (like a poster, movie, costume, or longer story), you may have until Monday, but you must present your project in class and dazzle us!  

*There will be a parts of speech test on Friday 9/21.*


1) Read for 20 minutes. Log it!

2) Find an example of each part of speech. Use your yellow sheet as a guide.

3) List one example of each part of speech from your reading on your yellow sheet. Try to get AT LEAST 6 of the parts of speech (interjections may be harder to find). Just write the word, not the whole sentence. This is for practice; we'll check them together in class. 

The "yellow sheet" in your binder is also available in digital form in Documents for Download on the left. It is called Parts of Speech under GRAMMAR.


Master your vocabulary for the quiz tomorrow!


One page reflection in your journal: Who is someone you would like to give KUDOS to and why? Tell us and show us why this person has earned your admiration and praise. It can be someone who you know personally or someone you admire from a distance.

If you get "writer's block," before the page is done, just start a new paragraph give another example of what makes this person a role model to you. 


SIGNED READING LOGS due MONDAY. If you lost yours, click on DOCUMENTS FOR DOWNLOAD on the left. 140 minutes of reading should be logged. 


Practice listing the 8 Parts of Speech for your recitation quiz tomorrow! 

20 minutes of reading, if you are under 140 minutes. LOGS due MONDAY.


Finish your one page journal response that we started in class. You can explain your quote, tell a personal story (or stories) that your quote reminds you of, say what your choice of quote says about you, write a fictional story inspired by the quote, or a combination of these. Be thoughtful and thorough! 

Keep up with your 140 reading log due Monday! 

Practice reciting the 8 parts of speech. You will recite them for a quiz grade in class on Friday. 


Read for a minimum of 20 minutes and LOG IT! If you already made the 140 minute requirement, you may choose to read and bank more time. 

Come up with plan for meeting your 140 minute requirement by MONDAY. You will need a parent signature on your pledged log.

Optional challenge for class tomorrow: Can you recite the parts of speech from memory?

08.31.12  Long Weekend!

No homework, but if you do READ make sure to LOG the time to get credit on Monday, September 10!  Remember you can bank time, but you can't get in debt. : )

Get some rest & enjoy time with your families!

08.30.12 Orientation Day Three: 

Read a book (or magazine/newspaper ARTICLEs) of your choice for 20 minutes. Reading, not skimming! : ) Write the down the title and how many pages you read in your planner. I'll check planners for this information in the beginning of class tomorrow. 

*If you read on an electronic device and is difficult to figure out pages, write down whatever numbers your device uses to track the amount read. 

08.29.12 Orientation Day Two: 

Write a FOUND POEM of your own in your journal. It is the same type of poem that we wrote together in class. List your sources (where you found your words). The poem can be any length. It doesn't have to make perfect sense, just pick words/phrases that have POWER. 

You will have the option to read your poem with the class, but you do not have to share

Bring your PLANNERS to every academic class EVERY DAY for the REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! : )

08.28.12 Orientation Day One:

Bring in a line or passage from a summer reading book that YOU consider good writing. We will use your examples during an in-class discussion of what "good writing" means.

Bring journals to English class.

If you haven't yet turned in your summer reading documents, bring them to class TOMORROW.

If you read more than what was required, please list all books you read (and the number of pages). We will be logging the total number of pages read for disguished reading awards later in the year. 

Bring your PLANNERS to English class EVERY DAY for the REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! : )